Thursday, 2 January 2014

Future ramblings

Also i thought i should write quickly about what i will be posting on this blog. As i mentioned in my last post i have a strong passion for photography, fashion, beauty and writing.

The first type of posts will be fashion style. I will be posting #ootd's on days that i have something to show you. (i have a school uniform, so during school term it won't be as often, but still if I'm going out at night or doing something.) Another fashion style post, will be hauls and more.

The second will be random interesting things I'm doing, i.e soon i will be travelling to tasmania to visit my family, so if I'm doing anything exciting, fun, or would make great photographs, i will blog that and show you guys what I'm doing.

The third type will be beauty related blogging, talking about makeup or products i have used or tried, reviewing it, and just general beauty related things.

The final type of posts will be other sort of 'tag' posts, such as Q&A posts... and such things.

Thankyou for being to read this. if any of those things above interest you, please follow my blog to see more of my stuff. also the picture of me above was taken by my amazing sister, please check out her photography page

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