Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Birds, Treehouses, & Country towns

We started today by going to Kettering to visit my uncle and cousin, who own Raptor Refuge in Tasmania that helps re-home and rehabilitate injured wildlife creatures, such as eagles, owls, lizards, reptiles, seabirds, and many more. 

 This is my youngest cousin in an enclosure with one of the birds they are rehabilitating, and reteaching to fly after it was injured.

Side view of another row of enclosures with more owls and eagles being looked after.

Two beautiful masked owls, sitting in a nesting box in their new home while they are in the refuge. Sorry about the horrible quality. I had to take it on my phone, because the netting on the front was too small for the lens of the dslr. 

They also built a pretty awesome tree house together. The view from the top in amazing, as shown in the picture above, although it really doesn't do it justice. You can see much further down to the harbour with all the yachts moored.

After we left the refuge we headed for lunch in this cute little country town, situated through the breathtaking sweeping hills of Tasmania in amongst trees, at the bottom of a valley that has a river running through it.

Overall the day was amazing and i had a lot of fun. I got to see a bit more of Tasmania, rather than the town where my Grandparents live. :)


  1. We've always wanted to visit Tasmania! The landscape is just amazing


    1. its amazing!! i absolutely love it. i was born there, and its really nice to go back. if you ever do go there, i will be posting where i go and you should definitely check some of them out :)