Friday, 10 January 2014

Rays & Sailing

As a lot of my family live in tasmania, I don't really get to see them that much. My youngest cousin, is now 10, and i have only seen him twice, once about a week after he was born, the second he was only 4 or 5. I sometimes feel, i have missed out on knowing him a bit. But he showed us around the wildlife refuge the other day i hung out with him a little bit. Today, however we got on really well together and had a lot of fun.

As we were sailing out of the bay and mooring, a few swans starts swimming along beside us for a few minutes.

As we were heading out, we decided to jump off the back of the yacht and hang on to the dinghy and let it pull us through the water. It was quite hard at first because the water was pushing against us pretty hard. For a while we just held on and floated on top, but then we put our legs underneath the boat, in the slip stream. It was actually really fun and while hanging out here for a while had some pretty good conversation.

We moored in a small bay, and we took to dinghy into shore, and the two of us explored for a little while. We went back for the snorkels, masks and flippers and also explored underwater for quite a while. We saw lots and lots of flathead and the most exciting part, five eagles rays, and two very big stingrays, the same species of which killed Steve Irwin. They were very close to us and it was an amazing sight to see them in the wild, the eagle rays, with 30 or so centimetres, and we only went within around a metre of the larger, more dangerous stingrays. Unfortunately i didn't take any pictures, because i didn't have the GoPro with me, and obviously my good camera is not waterproof.

The view of the water, rocks, yachts around us, and incredible sea life beneath us was so serene and peaceful. I absolutely loved seeing my uncle and cousin properly for the first time in ages. If anyone is in the Hobart area, i really recommend going for a sail because the water was crystal clear and there were really some amazing sights. 

What I'm wearing:
 Topanga 'sea lilly' bikini

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