Friday, 10 January 2014

Inspirational Idea #2

I have seen this video on television before, but i just saw it on Facebook, and though i had to write about it.

This amazing man, Nick Vujicic, was born without arms and without legs. At age 8, he has said he wondered why him. why did it have to be him. I, myself, am not religious, however he found God at 15, and only went up from there. He has said it was not an easy road, but now he is a motivational speaker, married and loving life, even making jokes about himself, such as one time he said he was coming down a waterslide, and everyone at the bottom saw him and gasped. His reaction wasn't that they were all judging him, it was that he really wanted to pretend to freak out as if he had lost his limbs on the ride.

I found this man very inspirational because his outlook on life is incredible. He could have been hurt by all those people, felt he wasn't good enough, but instead he found it amusing.

Nick's full story can be found here

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